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Report last updated at 01:24 PM 07/24/2015

Bike Park Update - 7/28

International level cycling events have come to Crested Butte quite a few times.  They should, because in my biased opinion there are very few places that genuinely live, breathe, eat, and sleep bicycles like CB.  Even though it has happened before, I still get pretty darn excited when some of the best riders in the world roll into town.  This week round 5 of the Enduro World Series will be contested on the trails of the Gunnison Valley.  Enduro is the newest addition to the disciplines of mountain bike racing and has really added some of the most impressive riders to the start list.   Many of them have been riding the Evolution Bike Park the last few days and it has made for some awesome spectating.  

Let's do a little bench racing.  Do you follow Enduro?  Do you have any favorite riders?  It may be time to go to your family roots and cheer for the country of your ancestry, or run with your favorite bike brand.  Me, I have to put my money on Jared Graves any time he rolls to the start line.  This blazing fast Australian really represents what Enduro is.  He is a multiple Four Cross World Champion, A BMX Olympian, has earned podium finishes in World Cup Downhill and is the reigning Enduro World Series Champ.  The dude has power and bike handling skill like you wish for and knows how to win.  He is also on a Yeti which I am sure you know is a Colorado company and that could be the extra juju needed to land on the top step.  The last time Graves raced in CB he won the Pro GRT Downhill race on Avery at the Bike Park, so he also has a little history here.  Graves is my bet for the top step.

For the women I am going to stick with Tracey Mosley.  Another rider with a strong DH background and she just knows how to be the fastest one to the bottom.  Being a spectator the last few days I have had a hard time telling the difference between the men and the women as they come through the final jump set at the bottom of Avery.  These ladies look very comfortable in the air and man they carry some speed down the hill.

This race gives us a rare opportunity to see some of the best bike handlers in the business shred our trails.  The easiest place to watch this go down will be at the Evolution Bike Park on Sunday.  Bring your friends and come up and make some noise in the woods.  It is going to be awesome to witness.

Alright, we have a number of things happening on the hill.  We have been working hard to drain puddles after the last blast of rain.  This year 10% chance of rain translates into 11 hours of steady moisture and has taken a few days to catch up.  We will still be picking away at maintenance on Westiside.  The Pump track in the base area will begin to look like something by the end of the week.  We have started a new trail off of Painterboy.  We have also received approval for the trail that will connect Westside to the Upper Loop.  A lot of balls in the air but when each of them hits the ground it will make for some excellent additions to the Evolution Bike Park. 

There will also continue to be some periodic closures on Prospector and Woods.  There will also be some Closures on Meander for a glading project so please obey all signage for closed trails.

Summer is moving fast.  Get up here this weekend for the EWS.  I look forward to seeing you in the Bike Park. 


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