Center for the Arts Presents Eilen Jewell

March 25
08:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Country-flavored and blues-infused, Boston-based Eilen Jewell is a smart cookie with a heart of burnished gold and enough stories to keep even the rowdiest crowd hanging on her every word. Deemed the “Queen of the Minor Key” (with her latest album titled just that) her songs shed a haunting light on long shadows and dark corners. Its denizens seek refuge in padded rooms, abandoned automobiles and strong spirits. They defend their territory by any means necessary - weird voodoo, sawed-off shotguns, broken bottles. There is a gritty texture to her, a moody film noir atmosphere. Drawing on a connoisseur’s love of roots music and a writer’s eye for detail, Jewell fashions her musical vignettes with impressive economy. Each turn of phrase and chord change is executed with an élan that belies the measured precision behind it. With smoky vocals reminiscent of a cross between Billie Holida and Neko Case, and swinging rhythms, she sashays between jazz, country-gospel and box-car soul. The Boston Globe  calls her “emotionally raw and riveting.” 8:00 p.m. $15 early bird / $20 week of.

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